Dear Veterans and Friends;

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Jewish War Veterans of New Jersey website. The Department hopes, that you will make this site, a favorite or bookmarked for future reference. Your comments are welcomed so if you see something that can be improved, please email me at LSR1950@hotmail.com.

The Jewish War Veterans chartered in 1896, is the oldest active veterans group in the U.S.A. The JWV serves all veterans regardless of their background. JWV is involved in a yearly “March on the Hill” to talk to our Legislators from all states to make sure they know our organization’s stand on funding, services, and benefits for all veterans. JWV throughout the states help the veterans, whether it is through the advocacy for more funding for better clinics, hospitals, the various homes for Veteran or for legislation for stabile or more benefits. The organization also is involved in support of local veterans’ activities, (parades, memorial events, investigation of discrimination, etc.). Whether it is reaching out to our local, county, state, or federal leaders, JWV has, is, and will be there. I’ve been a member of JWV since the late 80s. I am proud to call myself an Afghanistan Veteran. I retired in 2010, holding the rank of Sergeant First Class\E7. Besides being your State Commander, I am currently the chairman for the National Iraq and Afghanistan Committee.

Ours is a proud old organization and currently looking for all Jewish War Veterans from all eras, but especially from the Vietnam Veterans, Operation Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan and all those in between. If you are interested in joining contact the membership chair by email so he can connect you with a local post.

Our organization includes many committees to help all veterans, some are listed below and their chairman for the year 2015-2016:

In closing to current Jewish War Veteran members, prospective members, or guests who visited this page our Veteran Organization exists for you now and will serve you in the future, please join us and get involved. Whether it is just joining (we do have different types of memberships), joining and being active, helping financially to sponsor an event, making a onetime contribution, or bequests, your help is needed now.

Cash donations: whether it is in Honor, In Memory, Bequests, or to remember are always accepted we are a 501(C)4. Unfortunately at the current time we can not accept materialistic donations. Checks can be made out to JWV, Department of New Jersey.

To all current members here in New Jersey, this is YOUR organization; get involved, it will make you feel good to know that you will are helping Veterans and will sustain this organization into the future. If I have missed something, need clarification, or want to get involved, but cannot find what you are looking for, please contact me at LSR1950@hotmail.com.

Sincerely and in Comradeship,
Larry S. Rosenthal, SFC (RET), US Army
Commander, Department of New Jersey