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The Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America is the oldest active veterans organization in the United States. It was formed in 1896 by a group of Jewish Civil War veterans who organized the Hebrew Union Veterans in direct response to libels that Jews had not served in the American military.

Today, the Jewish War Veterans of the United States combats anti-semitism in all its forms, carries on an extensive program committed to upholding America’s democratic traditions, and fights bigotry, prejudice, injustice and discrimination of all kinds.

The Department of New Jersey is in the forefront in efforts to educate and inform our governmental legislators on those issues of particular concern to all veterans including funding, services and benefits for all veterans. Every February a delegation of Jewish War Veterans from the Department of New Jersey participates in a “March on the Hill.” At this event we talk to all of our Federal legislators and make sure that they are aware of our organization’s position on those issues of vital concern to veterans. Whether it is in support of more funding for our veterans hospitals, better clinics, support for the State veterans homes or advocating for better benefits for our veterans, the Jewish War Veterans, Department of New Jersey is there advocating for all veterans.

The JWV Department of New Jersey also is involved in support of local veterans’ activities such as parades, memorial events, picnics, and holiday celebrations.

Our organization includes many committees all of which are designed to assist all veterans. You may view them by clicking here.